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ADHD Certified Life Coach

Natalie holds a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Cognitive Neuropsychology, and completed her ADHD Coaching qualification with IACT. Natalie has a wealth of experience and training in the field both with adults and children. In her experience a number of clients, both covering all ages have a diagnoses of ADHD or concerns around symptoms. Clients or family members will approach Natalie for support when there are concerns or questions regarding a possible ADHD presence, or indeed for any other behavioural challenges they are experiencing. The executive functioning challenges of those with ADHD are similar to her clients with brain injuries and the tools required for support are closely linked. 


Natalie works closely with families to educate and provide support with understanding the challenges of living with a hidden disability and neurodiversity. Strategies, insights and training is provided to help navigate the pathway, with a holistic approach. As a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Natalie also provides sessions to deal with anxiety, stress, adjustment and general relaxation to all ages. 


Areas of expertise and interest include fatigue management, insight and awareness, adjustment and formation of self and strategy implementation. Natalie is also the author of the Brain Injury Fatigue Management journal with the new ADHD Planner in editing stages. She very much takes a strength-based approach to coaching those with ADHD as a sole diagnoses, with emphasis on improving day to day strategy implementation and forward planning.

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