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Struggling with cognitive symptoms?

The cognitive effects of traumatic brain injury can last long past the physical issues, and fluctuate, having a huge impact on your day to day function, fatigue and overall quality of life. 

Natalie is one of the only Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapists in the UK providing intensive, time and cost limited cognitive rehabilitation programs. Her experience in working across the spectrum of brain injury and specialised skills, areas of deficit can be markedly improved, thereby improving function.

Cognitive Symptoms

  • Changes in mood

  • Increased fatigue

  • Working memory problems

  • Executive functioning issues

  • Short term memory failing

  • Struggles with attention 

  • Inability to complete tasks

  • Problems planning and organising 

  • Difficulty dealing with busy or noisy environments

  • Personality Changes

  • Hyper sensitivity

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Reduced motivation

  • Struggling to do small things you used to find easy

  • Problems with visual processing

  • Balance and vestibular problems 

  • Emotional dysregulation

Impact on your day to day life

  • Missed appointments

  • Late for meetings

  • Unable to meet demands of work or school

  • Struggle to complete domestic tasks

  • Find outside your home overwhelming

  • Emotional outbursts and sadness

  • Headaches

  • Avoid brightly lit areas

  • Social withdrawal

  • Problems reading or scanning

  • Late payments charges or fines

  • Trips or falls

  • Unable to meet friends for coffee or lunch

  • Challenging managing children

  • Arguments with partner

  • Feelings of despair or loss of hope



A true understanding of the daily difficulties and variability

Cognitive Health Assessments 

Fatigue Management Programs 

Tailored cognitive remediation package

Goal setting 

Strategy implementation 

Real time task completion 

Online access during working hours 

Education and support

Digital cognitive exercise program

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