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Fatigue Management 

One of the most prevalent and debilitating effects of brain injury is fatigue. The impact is far reaching and one of my particular areas of expertise is fatigue management after brain injury.
So much so I wrote a BOOK and created a COURSE. 

The Brain Injury Fatigue Management Tool 

This journal is designed to enable you to learn to manage the fatigue you experience in a controlled and measured manner.


You will be able to journal your way to understanding your fatigue better so that you can manage it day to day, allowing you to monitor your battery so you are performing at your optimal, with the ability to recharge efficiently and effectively.

As a Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist, I have helped survivors of brain injury and those with neurological illness learn, adjust and improve by providing strategies that can be implemented to improve your quality of life.

This 6-month journal is packed with strategies that enable you to do the same.


What you will learn

  • Learn how to identify triggers and vulnerabilities

  • Implement the strategies of planning, pacing and prioritising

  • Implement the points based system 

  • Understand the impact of different environments and activities

  • Monitor fatigue daily with a logging system

  • Observe patterns of thoughts and mood

  • Understand your own optimal recharge methods to manage your cognitive battery

  • Learn to celebrate success

  • Adjust and predict your schedule

  • Have an increased understanding of your own needs and symptoms in order to achieve your own goals

  • Do more with less effort

Fatigue Management Course

A cost effective group program online to help support you manage your fatigue at your own pace. Recordings and resources to allow repeats and access to online support. 

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